These events invitations serve as a main touchpoint between retirement communities and their leads. My goal when writing copy for these invites is to remain fun and light, while making the event sound interesting (whether that's mentioning the free alcohol or not.) Really, it's relating a reason why guests will enjoy themselves, and maybe learn more about the place that could become their future home. 

The Chesapeake

Prospective residents were invited to enjoy a Thanksgiving meal at the community. I focused on the feeling of "home" which many people associate with the holiday, and hopefully would soon associate with the retirement community

St. James Place

This invite was directed towards a community still reeling from the devastating floods in Baton Rouge. With the holiday season right around the corner, we encouraged people to focus on the good times that were sure to come. 

The Jewish Home of Eastern PennSYlvania

I collaborated with an art director to form a strong concept and brand for JHEP's new speaker series. Focusing on staying knowledgeable about senior care, I chose "CareWise" to best represent the series which encourages professionals to stay knowledgeable about the latest in senior care.