Volkswagen - Regaining Trust 

In the aftermath of the emissions scandal, Volkswagen faces the challenge of regaining the trust of their consumers. They have made several attempts such as public apology letters and consumer rewards, but this has not been enough to win back trust. 

The truth is, most people don't believe companies when they apologize. They're just saving face after getting caught. Saying "sorry" doesn't mean anything. 


Using this idea, my partner and I created a bold ad to kick start the campaign with the headline "We're not sorry," saying that we want our customers to expect more out of us than a mere apology. To go beyond this, we wanted to provide an experience where affected customers could truly connect with Volkswagen and it's decision makers. We created a VW + Uber partnership for this. 



Finally, we created a short TV spot. We used footage of real life CEOs apologizing after different scandals had affected their company — including the VW CEO. The messaging tied into the clips adds to the idea of frankness and sincerety from VW.