Southwest is the main low-cost airlines in the U.S. What many people don't realize is how comparable these prices are to driving or taking a bus. We aimed to position Southwest as the better option to cars by highlighting the ease of travel and low cost. The "Fly Fresh" campaign launched with out-of-home ads at bus stops and subway stations. This was a direct way to reach our audience of drivers and bus-riders.  

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We wanted to continue to build more brand experiences for Southwest with free giveaways. These air fresheners tie into the playful "fly fresh" campaign and are easy to hand out at events. 


Print Spread 

We used the giveaways as inspiration for an interactive, scratch & sniff print ad.  


Southwest Stunt: Bus Vs Plane

The second half of the campaign focuses on bringing the fun of road tripping to the skies. We imagined a stunt where passengers bought bus tickets that were the same price as a Southwest flight. We helped them reach their destination a little faster with a lot more fun. 

New App

What's the most fun about road trips? Grabbing the aux cord and sharing your latest playlist with a car full of friends. With Southwest's new app, passengers can curate and share playlists during the flight. Check out what jams the person in front of you is listening to, or add a song to the flight's personal playlist. Passengers can also see what everyone is up to with the selfie gallery. 

Experience the App       Art Direction: Alison Yakano 

Experience the App      Art Direction: Alison Yakano