Most everyone has shopped or donated to Goodwill. But what Goodwill does behind the scenes is way more impressive than scoring a $2 Metallica t-shirt. This year alone, they've helped 218,680 people get back to work. 

Goodwill has four distinct audiences: donors, shoppers, job seekers, and partners — so we developed branding that connected all of these audiences, while highlighting their mission. 

The current Goodwill website has tons of information about the stores including news, blogs, locations, and more. So much information can be overwhelming. We wanted to create a specialized presence that focused on the core goals and missions of Goodwill. is a streamlined site that brings together the different sides of the company. 


Email Marketing 

In order to direct people to the new website — we developed an email marketing campaign. The goal was to show the benefit of any interaction with Goodwill, whether as a donor, shopper, job seeker, or partner. We also aimed to educate current Goodwill customers about the sides of the business they may not yet use. 

Become a Partner (3).png

"SuitUp" App 

 We also wanted to create something interactive that could connect job seekers to Goodwill's services. The "SuitUp" app includes:

-A calendar of upcoming workshops hosted by Goodwill

-Resources and tools such as a resume builder and sample interview questions

-A forum where peers can ask and answer questions

-A job search tool featuring positions from Goodwill's partners