ADore Me 

Collaborator: Danielle Blackington 

Adore Me was founded in 2012 as an online subscription based lingerie company. They self describe as "the fresh face of lingerie," but besides the exciting business model, nothing else about the company feels very "fresh." The branding hasn't quite lived up to the promise of an empowering female brand existing in 2017. My partner and I decided to punch up the branding and highlight and encourage confidence with a social campaign. Adore Me gained it's initial following through target ads on Facebook and Pinterest, so our goal was to grow the brand on it's most recognizable platform. 

I Adore Me 

This play on the name "Adore Me" gave us the inspiration for a confidence-centered campaign about how the person you should adore the most is yourself. Instead of traditional print ads, we created three inspiration-quote-like ads that are similar to content often shared on Pinterest or Instagram. These would run as sponsored posts on these platforms 



Influencer Content


Guerilla Marketing

This part of the campaign does not live on social media, but would be shared by women who happened to see the displays. These displays tie back into the main campaign theme of empowerment and self-love.