Yes, this is me, dressed as Jane Austen in Bath, UK

about me  

I'm a copywriter, sure, that's probably why you're here - but I'm also a maker, a strategist, a connoisseur of drink coasters. My cat thinks I'm a can-opener. My neighbors do not think I'm a cook. The point is, there's plenty I can do and plenty I can't — and if something falls in the latter category I'll try to learn it with as few fires as possible. 

I graduated from Virginia Commonwealth University with a degree in Creative Advertising. Currently, I am freelancing as well as working on my own creative projects and learning new skills. Below is a shortlist of my experience at different agencies and companies: 

Copywriter | GlynnDevins (formerly SB&A) | May 2016 - May 2017

Branding Intern | Big River | Winter/Spring 2016

Content Internship | Interactive FMG | Winter/Spring 2016

Copywriting Intern | Madison + Main | Summer 2015 

B2B Marketing Intern | Snagajob | Summer 2014

I'm always looking forward to different challenges and meeting new people. Want to chat? Drop me a line at 


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